Kristian Buus was born and grew up in Denmark and is now based in London where he has been working the past 10 years. He works for both Danish and British media, NGOs and other print media outlets.


Kristian Buus
9 Ellingfort Road
London E8 3PA

M: +44(0)7768055848

Clients includes:

Geenpeace UK (UK)
Greenpeace International
Action Aid UK (UK)
Berlingske Tidende (DK)
Chrysalis book publishers (UK)
Concern Wordwide (UK)
The Danish Embassy (UK)
Eksportfokus (DK)
Euroman (DK)
The Guardian (UK)
The Guardian Weekend (UK)
The Guardian Unlimited (UK)
Helsingin Sanomat (FI)
International Artists at Braziers (UK)
Jyllandsposten (DK)
New Philanthropy Capital (UK)
Politiken (DK)
School Home Support (UK)
Sienna Films (Canada)
the STARS Foundation UK
Taloussanomat (FI)