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Wilson's Wedding Party.
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Up above the Serengeti plains it is mainly Maasais who live in the Loita Hills. They live in small villages
and family homesteads called bomas and live mainly off raising and selling live stock such as cattle and
goats. It is a very remote region in Kenya, hard to get to without a four wheel drive with very little infra-
structure and, up till 2010, no mobile phone network. The Maasais are well known through out Kenya
and the world for their colourful clothing and their way of keeping their old traditions alive.
Wilson is a
Maasai and works with the
charity S.A.F.E MAA, a local theatre group which educate young Masaais
and children about HIV/AIDS, basic life skills and the abandonment of Female Genital Mutilation(FGM)
through performance.

Wilson got married in August and threw a big party at his Boma. The entire previous night he had been
negotiating with his future in-laws in their house in their Boma, hours away, how to treat his future wife,
a traditional part of the wedding ceremony. Wilson and his wife have been partners together for 5 years
and already have children. He then brought his wife to his Boma to introduce her to the rest of his
family and to the wedding guests and then the party could begin.

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