(c)2010 kristian buus.

The STARS Foundation impact awards 2010.

In 2010 the STARS Award was won by Africa Educational Trust (AET) in Somaliland, Action in the Community Environment (ACE) in Kenya and Childline Kenya. A previous winner is Disability Action Network(DAN), also in Somaliland. Runners up in 2010 were Kenya Society for the Blind(KSB) and Sponsored Arts For Education (S.A.F.E.). A Rising Star was awarded to the South African organisation Home from Home.

These images are snap shots from three African countries where children grow up with great difficulties and of the organisations which work to alleviate their predicaments. To learn more go to starsfoundation.org.uk

AET aims to provide education for children where the state of Somaliland can not reach. They help children in IDP camps and children of pastoralists in the countryside amongst many other projects. To learn more go to: africaeducationaltrust.org

ACE  aims to provide health amongst children mainly through helping them to grow their own
nutritious food. To learn more go to ace-africa.org

Childline Kenya is a help line for children and the first help line in Africa to have a three digit phone
number:116. To learn more go to: childlinekenya.co.ke

Home from Home is providing homes for children placing them in foster families consisting of up
to 5 other children and a full time foster mother in their local community. To learn more go to: homefromhome.org.za

The Kenya Society for the Blind is a long standing charity which works to make blind people able
to function in the community as a whole. They support children in schools and supply them with
Braille writers, specialist teachers,glasses for visually impaired,counseling and other much needed tools.To learn more go to: ksblind.org

S.A.F.E. is a charity that uses theatre, combined with community activities and education, to deliver life-saving information about HIV/AIDS in the most under-served areas in Kenya as well as challenging FGM in the Loita Hills. To learn more go to: sponsoredarts.org

DAN, the 2008 recipient of the impact award, has continued to work with disabled young people, ensuring that these children have access to healthcare and the therapeutic rehabilitation services that will help them integrate fully into society.