(c)2008 kristian buus.

HIV/AIDS in Nigeria
In May 2008 the Positive Lives photo exhibition went to Taraba State in Nigeria. The exhibition was hosted by UNHCR and SACA and local NGOs. The exhibition became the forum for stigma and discrimination reduction work shops, performances by local dancers and actors and facillitated speed testing in the garden of the Taraba Motel by Fhi/Ghain. The HIV prevallence in Taraba is 4-6% and rising with young women being among the high risk groups.

This photographic work in Nigeria on Positive Lives HIV/AIDS photo exhibition was commissioned by UNFPA, Geneva.

"Positive Lives is a unique international project that photographs and documents the social and emotional impact of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic, illuminating positive human responses to this world crisis. By sharing these stories, we can all face the challenges, myths and prejudices surrounding HIV/AIDS." From www.positivelives.org