(c)2007 kristian buus.

Super Structures by night.
The Camp for Climate Action took place the 14-21 of August 2007 in a field off Sipson Lane near Heathrow. The camp was a gathering of people wanting to highlight the issues of climate change, specifically the expanding aviation industry which contributes to CO2 emmissions. The site of the Climate Camp is where BAA and the British Goverment plan to build a third run way for Heathrow, expanding the number of flights out of Heathrow with 100% - and destroying 400 homes and communites in the area.

The Climate Camp had been hugely discussed in the media running up to the actual event, with police and various media out-lets villifying and demonising the activists as eco-terrorists wanting to ruin peoples' holiday by disrupting flights out of Heathrow. In spite of this, activists still managed to secure the site under the nose of the police and the camp ran for a full week peacefully and succesfully with more than 1000 visitors and participants.

Various structures were built both to make life as comfortable as possible and living as sustainably as possible during the week of Climate Camp. The night sky was lit up both by nearby Heathrow and by massive flood lights put up by police to enable them to monitor the camp day - and night.