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The United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 took place in Copenhagen 07-20 December.

The conference was held in Bella Center and was attended by 15.000 people including UN delegates, UN observers,
Members of Civil Society, world leaders and media representatives from all over the planet. A further 10.000 activists took up parallel talks and direct actions across the city. After 2 weeks of talks it became clear that the fair, ambitious and legally binding agreement which many of the Majority World and members of the Small Island States and NGOs were demanding was not going to be realized. In the final hours the Copenhagen Accord was drafted by the US, China, India, Brazil and South Africa. The accord was "recognised" but not "agreed upon" the following day by all participating countries but was never passed. The Danish Accord recognises that climate change is a serious issue which must be adressed with serious actions but it does not specify which and it is not legally binding.

Most of the Majority World and NGOs were very dissappointed where as most of the Anex1 countries were very pleased with the outcome of the COP15. The Summit had been billed as the last chance to save the climate and planet but it wasn't going to happen this time.

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