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Laniste, Western Bosnia Nov 1996

188 people were killed in Biljani, Western Bosnia in the summer of 1992. It was mostly men, some women and a few small children and babies. They were all Muslims killed by Bosnian Serb militias led by Marko Samardzija. They were the dumped in the woods of Laniste in a small but deep hole. 4 years later Sead took me to that hole on the day the excavation had finished. The woods were quiete and the smell of death and decay was thick in the air.

03.11.2006. 18:45 The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) pronounced the first instance verdict in the case of Marko Samardzija before Section I for War Crimes, finding the Accused guilty of Crimes against humanity and sentencing him to 26 years imprisonment.

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